ATLANTIS - The New Album - CD (2020)
ATLANTIS - The New Album - CD (2020)

ATLANTIS - The New Album - CD (2020)

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Release Date: 27/11/2020

Atlantis is the fourth album by CATS In SPACE.  Recorded throughout 2020 and features the Cats’ new vocalist Damien Edwards. The album continues the band’s journey that began with the debut album ‘Too Many Gods’...


“Atlantis has been a testing journey for the band in many ways, taking into account some personal events and indeed the state of the business due to Covid-19. But, let us reassure you all, we believe that the new record is going to blow you away.  It rocks more and has more symphony, courtesy of our good friend Mike Moran and his orchestra!  We are super excited for everyone to hear what we believe is our finest album yet” - Greg Hart.

Produced by Greg Hart
Engineered by Ian Caple

Recorded at Echo Zoo Studio, Far End Studio, Atlantis Studio, Eversfield Studio, Hideaway Studio (Belgium), Mike Moran Studios

Recorded & mixed throughout 2020

Mastered by Ed Woods @ Ginger Sound July 2020
Original Artwork by Andrew Kitson
All Digital Composite Artworks by Steevi Bacon
'Aquapod Cat Helmet' by Andy Kitson & Steevi Bacon

Album design and layout Greg Hart 

1. Dive!
2. Spaceship Superstar
3. Revolution
4. Sunday Best
5. Listen to the Radio
6. I Fell Out of Love with Rock 'n' Roll
7. Marionettes
8. Queen of the Neverland
9. Magic Lovin' Feelin'
10. Can't Wait for Tomorrow
11. Seasons Change 
12. Atlantis

2020 release as CD digipack

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