KICKSTART the SUN - 'HMS Bootlegger' Album Art Andy Kitson print 24" x 16"

KICKSTART the SUN - 'HMS Bootlegger' Album Art Andy Kitson print 24" x 16"

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'HMS Bootlegger' gatefold Album Art  24" x 16" - panoramic album art by Andy Kitson

World famous oil paint Motor-Racing artist Andy Kitson's incredible 'Kickstart the Sun' "HMS Bootlegger" commissioned CiS album artwork print.

Limited to just 50 super deluxe lustre prints measuring 24” x 16".

Here we see the HMS Bootlegger sailing the high seas looking for music piracy!!...

Each print is hand-signed and numbered and an absolute must-have for all you Cats out there who have been collecting these amazing pieces of art.


Signed by whole band.  (Framed example for illustration purposes only - frame is not included).

£40 plus shipping

(NB Will be sent separately in quality poster tube)


Behind the artwork... Meet Andy Kitson - world renowned motor racing artist to the stars.  Andy was commissioned to hand paint the second CiS album cover SCARECROW in 2017, more recently the 2019 Daytrip to Narnia double white vinyl gatefold then the wonderful oceanic collection for Atlantis in 2021 and now Kickstart the Sun! 

For aficionados, there will be a timelapse version on Youtube as well..



Andy Kitson with one of his famous paintings, here Jim Clark and Team Lotus scored a famous victory in the Indianapolis 500 on 31st May 1965.